Sunday, October 22, 2017

---------Come Join Us Every Week---------

Join us Saturday and Sunday at our
Live-Streaming YouTube Channel.
(times listed below)

We live-stream our Chat Room on Sunday
and our Bible Study on Saturday.
Both events are live-streamed through our
YouTube Channel. - Click here)

If you cannot get into our chat room make sure you
join our Live Streaming YouTube Channel. (click here)

To Join our Chat Room click here:

For Password or Room ID:
Check with Wayne Levi Price


Remember - If you cannot join our chat room,
be sure to watch the Chat room from
our Live Streaming YouTube Channel
every Sunday at the link below.

Click HERE to watch our live Streaming Channel.

Saturday 12 noon Eastern Time - (Bible Study)
Sundays 2 pm Eastern Time - (Chat Room)
(same Time Zone as New York City, USA)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

---------- Chat Room Instructions ----------

To join our Chat Room on Zoom
(Sundays 2 pm Eastern Time USA)
follow these instructions:

If you want to fellowship with us using your
camera and/or microphone, you can go to the
website and enter the Room ID or you can
the Zoom app on your computer.
You will still need the Room ID.

Click here to Download App

Click here to go to the Website
to enter Room ID

After that, all you need to do in the future is
Click the App on your desktop or the link below,
then "Join a Meeting"
and enter the Room ID number.

Once you enter the room ID and click Join,
you will instantly enter our waiting area
until the meeting starts.

Click here to download the Zoom App.

Join by Phone:
Join by phone only from anywhere
in the World (Click Here)
(You will need the Meeting ID)

Please, make sure you know what our teachings
are before you join our Sunday Chat Room.

Click here to see our Teachings